Restoring a deleted file from in a GIT repository

25 Feb

Charles Baily noted that when you need to get a file that was previously deleted in your repository back, there are a few steps to recover that file.

One thing to note from my experience, it helped having a frame of reference to go through.

Find the last commit that affected the given path. As the file isn't in the HEAD commit, this commit must have deleted it.

XML to HTML with javascript

30 Dec

I needed something to handle an xml import, the returned results were xml file. Or that the end users needed to paste an xml markup with a specific format. This is the way I handled it with javascript. 


See the Pen XML to HTML plugin by Zeropx (@zeropx) on CodePen

Take your "right click save as" and shove it

9 Oct

There are times when I have a client that provides me a list of files to download. This list isn't something I can get my hands on in one lump volume of files compressed nicely into a packed tar or zip file. No no, they want to upload and provide single downloads for every link.

So, I figured Chrome would have something built in for this so that I could simply do a hotkey click and download. But alas, no feature was found. 

Behold! "I'm a gentleman".

Another computer dies. But from the ashes...

18 Jul

So, last night my Macbook Pro that I have used diligently for the past 3-4 years decided to crap out on me. Spent 6 hours give or take trying to get my computer to correctly boot up and stay on longer then 10 minutes. 

At one point it booted and stayed running for like 30 minutes, enough time for me to commit/push some code that I had been working on earlier that day. Shortly froze up again after I attempted to make a backup from the computer. 

Writing for the sake of writing

17 Jul

Lately, been so busy I don't have time to write about things I want to write about. I know that I am not alone on this. 

Sometimes it amazes me that people are able to write up so many articles in a month. What they are writing about really is good information and part of their experience. Often times the people that I follow write about something they discovered while building a website or part of their process that stood out amongst other things. Always posting about what they learned on a project. 

Moved from Linode to Digital Ocean

8 May
So a few of my friends and I were sharing a linode server for quite some time. Our servers primary owner decied it was time to move on and do his own thing. Keeping the server or breaking off to do our own things was the new topic between us. After consideration I chose to move on to another server.

Live SASS edit workflow with

3 Apr

There are times where need to work on a site and do css updates but with SASS. The site is built with SASS/COMPASS and such. 

For some reason or other, I am limited on my abilities to download the site. But I do have the ability to do the code locally and push it up as needed. 

The problem lies in that how do I changes to the css on a live site but do the CSS the way I like to with SASS

Large MYSQL importing via command line

4 Mar

Often times I have to do a large database import and that can be annoying to sit and wait in the black space of the command line.

I have been using a command line pipe viewer for a while 'PV' that allows me to monitor certain things.

Crucial Tide of annoyance

1 Mar
I recently ran into an interesting bug where my computer apps and windows would stop working after about an hour. Interestingly, I could actually still target click windows and bring them to focus, music would still play if it was playing in the back already. But the beach ball of death would spin forever letting me know that my computer is no longer mine but belonged to the beach ball. I found the solution finally and I'll explain all that I did to find it. Not as easy as a google search since it was so unique.